Как быстро выучить испанский язык?
Как быстро выучить иностранный язык
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1. Чешский с профессиональными преподавателеми. Подготовка к сдаче экзамена в Чехии для получения вида на жительство.   
2. Для 9-, 10-, 11-классников обучение в Канаде со сдачей канадского ЕГЭ. Автоматический переход в колледжи и университеты Канады и Америки. Подготовка к сдаче MBA.    

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   Английский язык
   Турецкий язык
   Чешский язык
   Китайский язык
   Обучение в Китае
   Немецкий язык
   Арабский язык
   Russian for foreigners

Бесплатное высшее и среднее образование в Чехии

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Company Profile. Language & Service Linguistic Centre

Moscow from fotomoskva.net.ru

Good Afternoon! Welcome to LS Linguistic Centre!

LS is a private language school serving Moscow since 1994. All of the staff employed are highly trained, motivated and use the most up-to-date methodology. The staff is well experienced in building student’s confidence and knowledge - consequently good results in learning language are assured.

We employ Russian and native teachers, sensitive to student’s learning needs. They hold both university degrees and qualifications in teaching foreign languages and have spent years at home and overseas honing their experience

LS offers a wide range of language courses to meet the needs of our students from beginners to advanced. One can choose from many different languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Finnish, Russian for foreigners, and a number of other rare languages, as well as different courses - General Course, Intensive Course, Business Course, and Survival Skills. We have different course packages to offer: small groups and individual training throughout the day, in the evenings and even over the weekends. Individual or paired tutoring can be arranged in our school or at our student’s office. Students are tested for language proficiency prior to course selection for free.

Whether you want to learn foreign language to further your academic and professional goals – or just for fun – there’s a program perfect for you. And once you decide which course to take, our teachers will give you all the support and encouragement you need to make learning language easy.

Our students are business people, university students and just people looking for an exciting experience in a new country while making international friends. They learn language in a small group or individually, guided by the teachers who can help them to apply grammar rules in useful language structures.

We use fun, innovative techniques and learning activities to improve student’s communication skills. In our classes, we offer: integrated skills approach, small group activities, role-playing and problem-solving exercises, discussions and debates. You get plenty of opportunity to interact with your fellow students at the lesson. To help you get the most out of your learning experience, our teachers will encourage you to participate in class, assign homework to put your new knowledge into practice and give you individual assistance when you need it. Our highly professional teaching guidance, friendly and caring atmosphere will simply save your time and money.

LS Centre is centrally located in Moscow in a new modern building where our students enjoy special classrooms, and easy access to all staff and teachers. Our classrooms are light and bright with ample space for each student. The school is close to public transit and a wide variety of shops and restaurants.

Excellent programs, caring staff and modern facilities offer our students a very special learning experience.

We look forward to helping you reach your language goals, and sharing our culture with you.

We are open for mutually beneficial cooperation with other companies in the field of teaching and learning foreign languages

If you require additional information please contact us. You may see some of our letters of recommendation. We look forward to having you as a student in the near future.

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e-mail: info@ls-centre.ru

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Лингвистический Центр "ЛС" -

Победитель бизнес премии "BIZZ 2010", Хьюстон, США.


Ассоциированный член Всемирной конфедерации "WORLD CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES".


Hübners "Who is Who"


2011 г. Лауреат премии имени А. П. Чехова. Союз писателей - переводчиков.

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